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Personal Brand

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Meet Shanny 

Entrepreneur, Personal Branding Strategist,

Business Coach, Online Sales Facilitator & Speaker

Shanny Sommer is a leading Personal Branding strategist and the founder of Influence, an agency dedicated to helping it's clients build & monetise a Personal Brand. Whether it is for lead generation, creating an impact or launching yourself as a speaker and thought leader: If you're drawn to Shanny, it's because you know that you can do more and help more people. 

Clients that work with Shanny as a strategist go from

"I've been lucky to get referrals but I now feel stuck and tapped out"


"I feel like a New Woman! I'm excited to dive in and connect to my audience every day! I'm actually having to expand to accommodate this next level." 


Her agency, Influence supports with Done For You services to help clients get faster audience growth and generate leads while focusing on their zone of genius. 



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From My Blog

Hey beautiful. I wish I could call you every day. Especially late at night when I'm bursting with new money making ideas. But life doesn't work like that. So, because I don't want to miss you too much, I decided to start blogging ;-) Come here often to get the sauce that will spice up your sales conversations on social media, to learn how to claim the opportunities and recognition you deserve and to follow my personal journey of levelling up and becoming Her. 



“Thanks to your copywriting we're attracting more inquiries & bringing in new clients. So grateful to have you by our side keeping our website and LinkedIn up to date with magnetic writing”

Nathaniela Kwidama

CEO & Co-Founder

Allyant Group


“Thank you Shanny for helping gain the needed confidence.  And for helping me with the strategy & content to have a sold out launch of my bootcamp, tailored to help sales professionals master their inner mindset & skills.”

James Rees-Hopkins

Head Sales Team Leader &

Sales Trainer

446A9676 (1)_edited.jpg

“Great news! I'm getting calls booked from the content that we created! The post you created today got me a premium 1on1 coaching client, yayyy! She asked for a call and wants to start  right away! Let's keep this going!”

Naya Camelia

CEO & Leadership Coach

True Potentials Coaching B.V.


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