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A story about ZARA, Gucci and Alexander McQueen: My WHY in business:

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

I love fashion. As a woman that loves to feel luxurious but can’t always spoil myself on that level, I became a frequent shopper of affordable luxury. I call this the ZARA level experience.

Of course, every once in a while I treat myself and I go for Gucci and Alexander McQueen. But I’m not gonna flex, those prices are not my day to day. And honestly, even when I can afford it, I may still choose ZARA because there are more things that I’m investing in. Like vacations, paying back student loans, improving my home, etc.

So, when it comes to business:

I am here for the woman who needs a ZARA level experience.

She loves luxury, she loves being confident and showing up as her best self. She loves pursuing and attracting high level clients. But she is not yet ready for monthly investments at the Gucci and Alexander McQueen levels. She might treat herself frequently, of course. But as her foundation she needs affordable luxury solutions.

As a woman that loves high level experiences and like minded people, I felt forgotten.

Like I couldn’t fit in. I was stuck in between. Didn’t really belong anywhere. I felt alone and not understood.

Of course I love the nicer things but my business wasn’t there yet.

It felt like all the good services, luxury branding and strategists have tailored their prices to people who are already past the growing stage.

$30,000?! Today? Ehmmm, nah I need to call you back.

Who is there for the beginner and the growing solopreneur woman?? Why were the best in the game not pricing themselves in a way that felt achievable??

In my business I vowed to help the ones that need a ZARA level of luxury solutions. Because let me tell you… If you work with that woman, she will build the best Alexander McQueen and Gucci level of results that you can imagine.

I know, because she is me.

So, if you need a ZARA level business experience, meaning: High quality, luxury solutions but still affordable, I’m here for you.

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