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Feeling defeated? Here's how to get out of it.

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

As I sit here, 6 days after having a successful event, all seats filled and having amazing chemistry with those of you who were there…I woke up feeling absolutely defeated. ( 👀How Sway??!!)

Yep, that’s my perfectionist and inner self critic for you. Always looking for the next thing. I don’t think I took a minute to really celebrate, before feeling again that I’m behind on everything else.

An example is my Youtube channel, where I plan to upload a video every Wednesday. I aim to be consistent so that the algorithm can pick me up…. Only I missed it. I didn’t upload and now I just feel like there’s just no point in catching up. Just leave it. Try again next week.

Then there’s the gym. I created this folder with super toned body screenshots as goals for myself. And made a super strict plan where I’m supposed to go to the gym 2x per day, every day of the week. And then 1X per day in the weekends. Welp! That didn’t happen! I skipped all this week because I was feeling guilty about the one day that I missed and so again I thought…there’s just no point in catching up. Just leave it. Try again next week....

See a pattern? I hope you do because most of us do this to ourselves. I’ve had some therapy to help me catch it 😀 And now I call it a brain attack. Because the reality is, those thoughts are not true. This is a momentary feeling and it will pass.

Here are my go - to fixes for when you feel like this:

1. Caffeine. All hail caffeine. It always helps.

I don’t know why, but having a coffee moment somehow gives me that boost to get back in action again.

2. Get outside.

Now. Immediately. Even if it’s for 10 minutes. Go for a walk. If you can’t, go drive yourself around for 10 minutes and come back. A quick switch in the environment does magic.

3. Immerse yourself in positive audiobooks or podcasts or Youtube videos.

This pours new ideas into your brain and shifts your vibe.

4. Get back to learning.

Get your brain back into creation mode. This is why I’m so passionate about providing a place for women to learn and work on their mindset, in my membership program Unleash Your Personal Brand.

A bit more about my membership:

My mission in life is to help every woman get unstuck. I cannot see women helpless, having been there many times myself.

I know how transformational it can be when you can control your dream career, your dream life and have predictable income. The only way to have that combo is through your personal brand. That’s the path to unlock any business, relationship career and dream life that you want. Because it builds something unique for you that gives you control.

I wanted to build a place where I can teach my expertise but also help you get out of feeling stuck and helpless. I know that being in a community of like minded women can help you transform. I hope that you will become one of us ❤️

I talk about this more in my latest Youtube video: Here.



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