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How do you choose which social media to be on?

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

This letter comes straight from my blog. You can read it online here.

With Threads being added to the pile I started to feel overwhelmed with all the platforms to create content on. And mind you, this is my business and my passion. Imagine the business owner that just wants to use content for marketing.

I decided to be more intentional and make a choice where I will put my effort. The platforms I’m active on will have my full strategy deployed (Strategy platforms). All other platforms will be visibility only (Visibility platforms).

Don’t forget, I do this many because it’s a part of showcasing my field expertise. If content creation is not a part of your field, just use for marketing, don’t let all these platforms take over your life.

Strategy platforms: post 3 or more times a week, intentionally networking and engaging. Present to respond and interact at least once on each workday. These will also be your main platforms to attract client. I choose Instagram and my audio podcast. (Considering to add Tiktok, stay tuned)

Visibility platforms: Post 1X per month or less. These are just to keep your name online and recent when people look you up. You share content for credibility and to direct people to your main pages. For me these are Youtube, Linkedin and all the rest, lol.

Most business owners only need 1 strategy platform and max 2 visibility platforms. You don’t need to be on all like me because it’s not your core business.

How do you choose?

NOT by where your “ideal clients” are. You choose by where you vibe and enjoy the most, so that you can naturally stay consistent and enjoy the process. Your ideal clients are those that also hang out where you are.

Do NOT get pressured onto platforms by a scarcity mindset. Your ideal clients will find you wherever you choose to be.



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