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How to get up and get ready for the day as a Personal Brand

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Let’s not underestimate what you’re taking on by being the face of your business. You still have to build in the background. Lead people. Have sales conversations. Pay the bills. Have energy to create more. Even when life is a mess, you have to put up that strong face and be compelling.

No wonder so many are scared to do it.

I found myself feeling lost and lonely a lot when I was in the building stages. It’s like nobody can understand. One half of my circle thinks my content is “cute” and not serious or part of an important “real” business. The other half thinks I’m “doing too much”. Insert immediate drop of confidence every morning.

To save your sanity, I want to share my routine of getting activated in the morning.

Boss Chick confidence. Creative vibes on. Ready for the camera, public speaking, sales, or whatever else is demanded.

  • Get up, get caffeinated.

My cup of coffee or pre workout will do it. That already gets my body alert, which is a first key step.

  • Next, don’t even think about it. Get to the gym.

I don’t give my brain time to start negotiating with me. The moment I grab my phone, take a sec to cuddle my pets or make a phone call, the excuses to skip a workout creeps in. It only takes a second.

Why do we workout? Because other than molly, nothing else gets you in this level of high vibe and unfuckable-with mood as a post workout high. (Bonus if your favourite music is on).

  • On my way home and while getting office ready:

I already have my favorite Podcasts lined up. (Brooke Castillo, Chalene Johnson, Stu McLaren and my own Podcast Unleash Your Personal Brand:) I get all the confidence tips I need before I start my day.

  • My outfits are pretty Steve Jobs like, lol.

The black or white shirt, or nude top, with tone colour pants, skit or shoes. I don’t like decision fatigue in the morning. So I made a capsule of outfits that give me confidence. I stay combining within that capsule and keep it simple.

  • I allow no phone access whatsoever before 10AM.

When I start working I have a focus hour that is mega productive without interruptions.

Schedule the hardest things first, ease into the later part of the day.

  • I make sure I have meal prepped healthy food with me in a second tote bag.

This includes snacks that fit my diet. Don’t underestimate the influence that food has on your energy and motivation. If you feel in a bad mood or sluggish at any point, you probably just need to refuel with food. Oh, and don’t eat heavy sluggish meals. That will knock you out!

This is my exact routine on a daily basis babes. I hope it helps you and gives you the confidence and energy to own your day.


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