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I’m gonna contradict myself in this one. But hear me out🙏.

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Not all businesses need to be built into enterprises. You can also build yourself a cash flow business, just to give you the lifestyle and freedom that you want. This does not take loans or investors. That is how I built my business and it has brought me freedom from demanding investors, partners and debt👏.

I know most established business owners don’t advise this. But I’ve also seen enough burn outs to know that being an overworked CEO, enslaving myself to keep investors and employees happy is not for me. I want to be an example that this option can also be a route to wealth, by reinvesting your cash flow into appreciating assets .

That said 👉There WILL come a point where your growth and ambitions will lead you into enterprise. But until then, don’t force it. Don’t jump into debt just to please your ego and other people’s opinions.

PS, more often than likely, when you are truly ready for that enterprise level, investors will come to you based on what you’ve built. You stand stronger when you already have an audience, sales, success and a platform. You’ll enjoy the freedom of choice: Grow into enterprise, or cash out and build your next journey.

Not all goals are your goals. ❤️Keep that in mind ladies.

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