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Let me try to explain your unique power. (Again)

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

How does a failed politician get out of prison and launch a successful, booked out restaurant?

Why can a lawyer also be a bestselling author?

How does a chef open restaurants successfully in 3 different countries?

Why can a lash artist create a product line that her competitors use in their salons?

How does a plumber build a 7 figure franchising and training company?

It’s because they built a personal brand. Then they created a loyal audience by sharing content and engagement about their personal brand.

Once that tribe exists, you can monetise and sell whatever you desire to that audience.

Bonus: It just keeps growing and growing!

Bigger bonus: use the power of the internet and social media to become limitless and speed up the process.

Once you create your personal brand, it will always be unique to you:

Because no other person or company has your unique qualities and personality. That is your intellectual property.

Then, your job is to build a fanbase that is loyal to you and what that personal brand stands for.

That is your unique power.

Once you have that, you can monetise that by bringing more clients to any existing business, creating a new service and new stream of income, or sell exotic small goats.

Get it?!!

Too many of us are stuck on what we are going to sell. And if it is going to work.

The real capital is the brand and the people!!!!!!!

Build your brand first. Build the audience next. Once you’ve got that, anything you desire to sell has a winning chance.

That is your unique power. My only wish is that you one day decide to use it.


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