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Meet Nancy: She creates real impact through behavior change

Updated: Jun 16

If you work with young adults, or are responsible for recruiting talent, pay attention! I’ve started working with Nancy just this month and she is making moves on moves. With Nancy we will be executing her path to becoming THE thought leader and influencer in behavioural change and talent management. She said “I know what I bring to the table and I’m ready”. This is a determined woman. That is what fires me up🔥.

Here’s what my coming weeks with Nancy will look like:

  • We’ll be increasing her influence and magnetic presence. Start following Intention To Impact right now, because she is already showing up and dropping fire almost every day

  • We’ll grow her following so that she can help transform more clients, both corporate and individual

  • She will have a revamped offering that you want to keep an eye on for yourself, your family and your team, especially if you work with young adults

  • We’ll sell out all slots to work with her, so I suggest you start tuning into her content as we go along. Don’t miss out your chance to work with her

That’s all the sneak peek I can give you right now ;-) You’ll have to follow Nancy to see the execution of her strategy in real time. Most of the women that I work with already know they have the value, I’m just there to add the lead generation magic and visibility to it ;-)

Any next level of your business will require you to get more magnetic and visible. I’d love to help you make that happen. Book a private info call here:

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