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Shameless plug for my Unleash Your Personal Brand program :)

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

I’m honestly impressed with the investments I’ve been making in my knowledge, the structure and peace of mind I’ve created by revamping my business. And the partnerships that have come about.

None of this would have happened if I didn’t get out of my comfort zone and trusted on a higher level.

It’s an honour to now create this space within my own circle for my clients. In case you’re interested:

What is it? 👉 16 weeks combination of 1:1 personal brand strategy coaching plus access to The Mastermind

Why include The Mastermind? 👉Because working side by side with high level mindsets, pulls you forward. You hear questions and moves from other people that help you think on another level. You won’t recognise yourself!

Is it safe? 👉Yep! Confidentiality agreements will go out to everyone and must be signed on Day 1.

Why is it so high priced? 👉 Because I only want the ones who are serious, and at a now or never mindset level with getting results. Foundations should also be in place. This is not for the woman who is just starting out.

Who is this for? 👉You are the face of your brand, you want to use social media and the internet to be limitless and free. You want to monetise your brand/ services more. You know what you want but need a better strategy and path to achieve it.

Who am I to help you? 👉10 years in business, 10 in corporate, specialising in sales, relationships and marketing. 10 years selling out my services, memberships and events using my social media. 2 years injecting cash in my personal and business income as a contractor for High Ticket Sales.

This helped me break into international markets.

And I am honoured to do sales for most of the big business brands that you see online, as a team member of agencies that they hire behind the scenes. Just imagine all the strategies and info I can bring to you!

Anymore questions babes? If you’re curious you can select a time for us to talk here:

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