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Ugh. Stop everything. I’m taking over my social media again (And you should too)

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

I raced to 5K followers on my Instagram, over 8K on my Facebook. And now I feel disconnected. Stop everything. Delete everything. I hate it.

I’ve got at least 3 different audiences that are refusing to blend together. And I need to fix it.

My audience is a mix of ladies who are:

  • Local and Netherlands based queens that speak my native language (Papiamentu).

You were here with me from the start.

Y’all are my girrrrrllsss!!! You were the first ones who believed in me and followed me.... For almost 10 years now?! What?!

I need to be giving you wayyy more attention and connection!

  • International sales queens and business owners.

Some of you are making 6 figures a year and some of you are even at the multimillions. We probably know each other from my High Ticket sales recently or in the past. I want to have a better understanding of how we can work together, what you need, what you like and how my content can serve you. (Probably this is somewhere around video confidence and video messaging, done with you, helping you state your offer with confidence on camera, etc. That would be my guess, lol)

  • Corporate queens and/ or CEO's that are secretly ready to leave & launch a brand.

Some of you have an existing business but can't shake off the employee mindset.

You have a habit of thinking small and underestimating that "people really want to pay you for this". Some of you are also multi talented and are therefore all over the place with your brand. (Trust me, I've been there. Many times). The reason you follow me is because there's something in my vibe that boosts your confidence. And if you were to really admit it, you're operating under potential and hiding behind what I like to call "a boring LinkedIn personality facade".

At some point, my audience was growing, I networked my way online and built relationships. Then I got lazy. I have someone else managing my pages and let I myself get pulled away into sales and client work.

It becomes overwhelming when you have to wear all the hats in your business plus think about creating your brand. But without your constant energy and input, you lose engagement and client attraction no longer works.

For me this means that I’m taking back all my social media for a few weeks.

I need to feel connected again.

Just static posts for your personal brand will no longer be enough, queen. Social media and offline platforms will punish you for letting go of personal connection. (And your bank account will also feel it).

So ladies, how do we tackle this and still stay sane in our minds?

Here are my tips to still save time:

  • Outsource everything that is not unique to you. Your sales and being the face of your company for client attraction is a priority that you should not outsource.

  • Even if your first thought is that you can’t afford it. Put an ad out for interns. There are Facebook groups dedicated to internships and virtual assistants.

  • Contact schools for information and options of getting help from students.

  • Ask on your profile who is willing to help for a fixed small budget.

  • Get resourceful, connect and barter to get the help you need.


  • Make an 1 hour appointment with yourself every week to create your content (Or do this with your strategist)

  • After you’ve created this, put everything in a simple Google doc ( I use Milanote too). And then outsource it for someone to take care of scheduling and executing your content.

This can be done for your social media and for traditional media content for your advertising.

The most important is: it has to come from you. Your messaging is felt much more when it’s from your heart. (Okay maybe use ChatGPT and then edit it. But you get what I mean, don't sound robotic!)

If you are organised and work in advance, you can get your whole marketing outsourced and done for a 5 to 10 hour package, with a budget friendly freelancer.

I challenge you to take back control of your brand and marketing, queens. Let's all tell our perfectionism and fear of failure to have a seat.

Messaging is everything. Build your tribe of superfans and you will never lack clients.



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