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Unleash Your Personal Brand, monthly membership

$70 to start, after that $ 70 per month.



  • 1 Business brunch in person per month where we help you with implementation

  • 1 online mastermind & Q&A session per month to keep you on track.

  • 12 video lessons, released weekly for 12 weeks

  • New updated lessons will always be added when new trends & business strategies become available. I am always investing in myself to stay up to date on what works in every industry. This way I can help you stay on the top of your industry and I can save you a lot of $$$ compared to investing into multiple pricey programs and figuring it out yourself.

  • Accountability buddies, networking, new business minded women in your friend circle.

  • Access to our Pitch Your Business at our Business Brunch (you have 1 turn per quarter) and being our database of referrals, where all members look for services!

  • Access to our private Book Club discussions & events 


How it works:

Start anytime! The minimum length to stay a member is 3 months, because I need that time to help you get results. After that, you can cancel anytime! You’ll receive new lessons released weekly for 12 weeks. This is to make sure that you are completing your steps in the right order and staying on track. I want you to complete a step before moving to the next one, and be an action taking Queen. 


After you have accessed all the lessons (3 months):

  • You can stay & continue for as long as you like, keeping your price per month. 

  • You can cancel anytime after your 12 week lessons by letting us know in advance of your next billing date. 


Unleash Your Personal Brand, monthly membership

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