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The Brand Authority package:

My full service solution for the woman who wants to finally get recognised and claim authority in her field.


+ COMPLETE EXECUTIONAL BACKING and dedicated guidance within the Unleash Your Personal Brand Mastermind


This full-service solution Includes:

  • Brand Strategy Development: I will help you define your brand identity, messaging, and positioning to create a cohesive and impactful brand narrative.

  • Identity Design: My design team will craft a visually compelling brand identity that reflects your unique personality and expertise.

  • Brand Content Creation: We'll create a library of high-quality brand assets, including storytelling photos, brand videos, and social media graphics.

  • Full Executional Support and Accountability: I will provide ongoing support and accountability to ensure your brand is consistently represented across all channels.

  • Essential 3 page Web Design: We'll develop a professional and user-friendly 3 page website that serves as the hub of your online presence.

  • Social Media Strategy: I will craft a tailored social media strategy to amplify your brand visibility and engagement.

  • Brand Shoot: We'll capture 20 storytelling photos and 5 storytelling brand videos to showcase your expertise and connect with your audience.

Ideal for women who are Industry Experts Seeking Thought Leadership

Tailored to help you to ascend as the authority that you are.


Unblock your mind in a 1:1 Confidence Call ($300)

 This is a 45 minute mindset coaching service that will unblock your overwhelm, get you back into authority and leadership mode and boost your confidence before a presentation or pitch.

*What You Get:
- Mindset Mastery: Break free from overwhelm and gain strategies to take control of your thoughts.
- Authority Amplification: Rediscover your confident, authoritative voice for impactful professional encounters.
- Confidence Catapult: Boost your self-assurance to navigate any challenge with poise.
- Sabotage Interception: Overcome sabotaging thoughts for a quick boost in focus and determination.

*Please Note:

  • This service focuses on mindset coaching and confidence boosting for immediate impact.

  • It doesn't cover business strategy or brand strategy; we have other services for that.


Ready to unblock your mind? Email me at to get an invoice and schedule your 1:1 Confidence Call. Your success starts with the right mindset queen! 

*Brand Strategy development ($1000):

Together we will identify your unique brand voice, define your ideal customer, and build a messaging strategy to communicate with impact and get results.

Ready to make your brand stand out and achieve real results? My Brand Strategy Development is what you need.

*What We'll Do Together:*
1. *Discover Your Unique Voice:* Understand what sets your brand apart.
2. *Define Your Ideal Customer:* Get clarity on who your brand speaks to.
3. *Craft Impactful Messaging:* Develop a strategy that leaves a lasting impression and drives results.
4. *Strategic Planning for Success:* Align your brand strategy with your business goals.

Why work with me:
- *Tailored Approach:* I customise the strategy to fit your goals and industry.
- *Expert Guidance:* Benefit from personalised guidance in a 1-on-1 setting.
- *Proven Results:* My strategies are give you immediate actionable steps for fast results.

*How to Begin:*
Email me at to get an invoice and choose a date to start your Personalised Brand Strategy Development.

Personal Branding: Options to work with me

The Unleash Your Personal Brand mastermind

Teachings included:

Pre-work - Clarity on goals, setting targets and intentions


Redefining your offer/ unique service values, messaging/offer/ideal client starting point etc. 


Setting the foundational mindset work: Embodying HER: Self concept work, mindset routines. 


Personal Brand creation (Photoshoot instructions, moodboard creation, video scripts and tutorials.) 


Content & conversion map 

Content pillars, magnetic writing techniques, conversion content. Choosing the right platforms and marketing tools


Audience growth & engagement

Organic & Paid marketing daily routines. 


Repurposing your marketing: How to get the most out of your content. 


Offline presence and visibility: Learn how to get PR like a Queen 

Brand audits and review, progress feedback 

Automation & Systems overview.

Bonus: Confident DM invitations and Sales - Get booked out! I give away all my secrets as a High Ticket Sales facilitator.

Who would you be as a woman that truly gets the recognition that she deserves? What would become possible if you truly felt confident more consistently? How many more people could you help if your unique value became more known? 


You don’t lack any preparation, it’s just a matter of getting you in front of your people and drawing them to you. But when overwhelm and feeling stuck is a daily battle, somehow you just can’t get anything to stick. My Queen, stop struggling alone with this. 


You’ve been throwing shit out there, trying to figure it out. But the peaks and lows of momentum turn out to be more exhausting than helpful. I know, because that is exactly what my clients tell me before we jump in and fix it. 


Lack of systems and a deliberate strategy will have you chasing your tail for years and ending up in the same place. Let’s stop that right now. 


Unleashing Your Personal Brand means becoming visible to get the recognition you deserve, becoming magnetic to attract the right opportunities and having the systems in place to never again lose momentum. As a foundation, we also dive deep into your confidence, mindset and self concept. Nipping any impostor syndrome and self doubt right in the bud. 

If you are a woman that wants to have an impact and be seen as THE magnetic powerhouse in your field, this 16 weeks mastermind is for you.

Monthly brand strategy & consulting

We meet 1x Per month for up to 2 hours. Additionally we meet & coordinate on Zoom.

I work with you or your marketing team to:

  • Create campaigns and converting copywriting to get results

  • Understand and implement branding psychology and sales psychology

  • Create, select, and monitor influencer campaigns that get real interaction and results, not only views and likes

BOOK A CALL to learn more!

In-house team training

 - 4 hours - Max 10 participants per session, one half day

Optional: Go crazy! Book one of the luxury villas that I work with, or if international, fly me in to meet you on location, why not? You deserve it!

Use my expertise to:

  • Help your marketing team with strategy for the brand

  • Help you create your brand message and steps to communicate it internally and externally

  • Coach your team on company brand image and culture

  • Coach your team on brand image and dress code

  • Coach your team on social media strategy (For their personal pages or for the company page)

  • Help create and plan out a campaign.

In-house training video skills or public speaking

 4 hours up to 6 hours - Max 10 participants per session

Optional: Go crazy! Book one of the luxury villas that I work with, or if international, fly me in to meet you on location, why not? You deserve it!


Use my expertise to:

  • Train you or your team on their camera skills incl. media training

  • Train you or your team on how to craft your public speech

  • Train you or your team on how to do a pitch presentation, including sales psychology

BOOK A CALL to learn more!

For corporate forward thinking teams: 

Options to work with me


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