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Meet Shanny

Entrepreneur, Leading Personal Branding Strategist, Sales Facilitator & Business Coach

There are 2 ways you got here. You're either sparked by the idea of having a personal brand and an audience that loves you. But you never thought it could be "your thing". And now you're curious what it would look like to actually try this thang :)

Or you're already aware that you need one, but you've tried all the things and your audience is well.......crickets. Aside from cousin Nancy dropping hearts in the comments every now and then, there's not much going on and you are not seeing sales.

Oh and God forbid, you already spent thousands on coaching and have been in tutorial hell, overwhelmed with no results....

In all cases, I'm glad you're here. I've got you. I know your message can help, even if you didn't figure it out yet. Your daily AHA moments are lifesaving for someone that needs it. Your experience is already your expertise. 

Now let's eliminate the overwhelm and give you a strategy that is simple and actually works. I'll teach you how to work your brand for 1 hour a day and reach your money goals or claim new opportunities. You deserve it Queen! 

About Me

My 10 years in the corporate financial industry, 10 years as a CEO after that, and the last 7 years within that, leveraging my Personal Brand to build my income, are the right combination you need.


I learned very early that I have a gift for sales psychology. I also have a natural ability for camera confidence and I enjoy teaching that. After the pandemic, I used these talents as a contractor in sales, working with international agencies to help influencers like Grant Cardone, Pete Vargas, Brooke Castillo, Sachin Patel and more, with High Ticket sales. 


What does that get you?

  • A unique combination of experience and talents that I can leverage to bring you knowledge and results. I invest heavily every year to stay in the inner circle with the “big names”, to bring you what works, what payment systems are best, how social media is changing and how to escape wasting time on trends.


  • On a corporate level, I get executives out of their boring routine to connect with their audience in a fun and authentic way.

But enough about me. Let’s Unleash Your Personal Brand!


Who I work with


My business is divided in two niches:

1. Women Entrepreneurs:

  • You are the face of your brand (this is valid for every small to medium service business, whether you like it or not :)

  • You want to be a paid coach, content creator, influencer, speaker, thought leader, for a living.

  • You have a retail business (online or in person) but you still understand that customers need a personal connection so that you can sell more products (whether it’s ambassadors, models, or just you in the beginning).


2. Corporate forward thinking teams:

  • Your employees represent the company and sell B2B or B2C

  • As a CEO you understand the importance of being an approachable face of the company

  • You want to brand your team as diverse, modern, relatable and forward thinking

  • You want to share the company culture to attract the right level of customers or employees


View all my services in one simple document: Click here.

I really believe you can reinvent & rebrand yourself into a new career, a bigger business & a new life!

There is a higher level of you inside. Unleash HER!

Shanny Sommer

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