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Let me tell you a story about self sabotage.

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

This photo is from 2019, when I was with my paid group members hosting a book club. At the peak of the group, I closed it. My thought process was that international members are coming in, so I need to stop everything. I must close it and start over. Get back to zero.

My comfort level with success is: chase it, achieve it, then run TF away from it 😂.

….But this is where your comfort zone is too 👀….I know it. I know you.

Your cute little boosts of confidence give you just a bit gas to hold on for the day. Still, behind the scenes….

*Every couple of months you start messing with your website.

*You binge another podcast, because they will have THE one thing that will unlock everything for you.

*You start another free course. A quick lil certification, photo shoot, class, whatever it takes to feel more “legit”.

*You stop everything and creep back into paralysis. Oh, sweet paralysis. We love paralysis. It is overwhelming but also safe at the same time……

This is why I invest in programs. It’s great to learn new things but you can find it all on Youtube.

It’s the accountability and the not quitting that pays the return on investment.

Having someone sparring with you out loud, getting things out of your head. Someone listening to you vent, or cry failure in secret. Someone that actually knows what they’re doing, to look at the data with you and help you stay on track. That is the solution.

If you are a growing solopreneur woman trying to hold it together, I know exactly what you are feeling right now. Just know that this is a phase, you’ve got what it takes, you will succeed.

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