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That feeling when you’d rather dig yourself into the ground than talk in front of people…

You’re excited about the event, the makeup artist is booked. Your hair is gonna be on point. No one can even play with the MASSIMO DUTTI power suit you’re about to wear….and yet….

What’s going on sis? Where the hell does this anxiety attack come from every time? It’s crazy that people don’t even seem to notice it. But in your head, you’ve been going through pure hell. Let’s not even talk about what your stomach is doing…

Take a breath. Here is why this happens:

First of all you’re feeling alone. Yeah you have people around you. Your friends are supporting you but they just don’t get it. I’m sorry but sometimes they make it even worse lol. I know the feeling.

Then, there's the sabotage. You’re stepping into a new level. And your safety brain, the comfort zone addict, is saying hold TF up! Those people are scary AF. A lot of mind work and affirming words to yourself needs to happen for this to die. Really. Words. Out loud. To yourself. Feel weird, I don’t care. It helps.

And then, there’s the lack of strategy. You know, you bring your story. Maybe even add a cute lil lesson in there. Sprinkle sprinkle. Great exercises, great points…

But why are they not engaging with you? Oh no! Their eyes are getting smaller….are they snoozing? Do they know how much time you spent preparing this?? The AUDACITY to not care!!!

Well calm down, let’s talk about this. We need to craft your peaks and dips of your story better. Bring it back to actual feelings. Relatable, real talk. Create easy action steps that people can leave with. That’s how you hook them in.

Trust me, if they can relate and you’re helping, they’re not even gonna care if you stutter.

Lastly, hear me loudly: Don’t you ever leave a stage or interview again without a real call to action. Yes, before you start breathing normal again and quick-step your way to the side, happy to be done with it…..What is the next step for that audience to work with you? Where can they reach you, contact you, follow you? What product or service is gonna help them stay on track with you?

Don’t you dare escape the spotlight without including this sis.

You’re already here queen. We’re gonna put this moment to work!

Lady, I hope these tips have helped you today. Remember Queen: You’re sitting on a goldmine of knowledge, impact and inspiration. Every day is a good day to Unleash Your Personal Brand.

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