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Where have you been all my life, he said…

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

WHAT. Babe, I’ve been here all the time, waiting for a man like you. What do you mean???

Spicy date alert. Let’s just say that in one of my recent trips I ended up with an almost-relationship. The connection was instant. It was hot, he was perfect. He is gorgeous.

And by the second time we went out he wanted to know where I’ve been his whole life.

Spoiler, I fucked it up. So no relationship. Don’t mind me, that’s why I go to therapy lol, sprinkle sprinkle.

Real talk though, this is how your premium clients are passing you by. You get downgraded to a pitch and chase fest for the bigger deals that really matter. It’s because you’re so stuck in your corporate snooze fest that your message is fatally boring.

This is why when you finally get your foot in the door they love you, but can't understand why your paths didn't cross before. And they wonder where you’ve been all the time.

But we both know where you've been, don’t we? You were just doing the day by day, going through the motions. Never to the level of standing out and being recognised for who you actually are.

It’s already in you. And they’re looking for it.

The other thing I said to the spicy date man was that if we met back then, I wouldn’t have been mentally ready to even talk to him. Let alone date.

People are on their own journeys and they have to be able to find you at the right time.

Don’t get me wrong, I come from corporate too. Hello financial service besties :) But when I wanted to step up the game and get recognition, I couldn’t keep blending in with the mundane.

Those bigger clients would love what you do, but they just can’t find you. With what you’re presenting to the world right now they can’t really SEE you.

Enough with the boring newspaper-like articles on your Linkedin. We can find that on Google. What’s really living in your heart? What’s the impact that you really want to make? What’s that powerful story that most people don’t even know about you? Does your market even know all your background and the knowledge you bring to the table? Because to be honest I’m not seeing it…..

That’s where your next level is. That’s how you get THE CALL when they need the best in the game. That’s how you skip the line of pitch fests and red tape and bring in the big ones.

My spicy date man couldn’t SEE me. When we finally met, we both knew there was an instant connection. How many clients, followers, partners right now are looking for you but can’t really SEE you?

Remember Queen: You’re sitting on a goldmine of knowledge, impact and inspiration. Every day is a good day to Unleash Your Personal Brand.

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